The Story

After graduating from Northeastern University with her BS in Business, she worked in the financial sector however quickly found that this industry was not helping her to achieve a sense of fulfillment tied to a larger mission. She then switched industries to work in higher education where she built and launched campuses as the Director of Regional Development at Northeastern University. 


While traveling, creating program, and launching campuses, she developed a keen interest in multiple streams of income which drove her to start a few startups with her husband that eventually led to the creation of JT Adams LLC. While still working in higher education they amassed 8 units which she saw as an opportunity to spend more time with family while focusing on how property ownership across the country could contribute to community.


She left higher education to pursue real estate full time and during this time reconnected with a college friend. Both as female investors they found there was little place for female leaders and entrepreneurs to gather and connect with like-minded individuals. This is how the Women’s Investment Network (WIN) was born. It began as a community to connect local women and inspire them to invest in themselves, however once COVID his the US they needed to shift their vision to make a greater impact. WIN now is a community, podcast, and program that celebrates female entrepreneurs and leaders focused on educating, promoting diversity and inclusion, and highlighting the success we can have when we invest in ourselves.

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