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REVIEW: Bentley Trike & McLaren Scooter

Yep, you read that right, a bike and scooter licensed by Bentley and McLaren Automotive 😲 I mean, that a lot to live up to so I was very curious how these products would perform. #ad

Bentley Trike

Let's start with the Bentley Trike. I've been drooling over these online so I was really looking forward to getting my hands on one!!


I was SO excited to receive the package, but was a little worried that it might be a ✨project✨ to put together. Luckily, the assembly was actually incredibly quick and easy!

Form & Function

Once it was assembled I was super excited about the look and quality. As you might expect, the material was impeccable and they really thought of everything when it came to use-ability - i.e. cup holder, hanging bag, storage underneath, foot holds for mini toddlers like mine, etc.

Ellie was (and still is) a HUGE fan! She asks to ride the trike all the time and when she’s not using it, her friends always have to take a ride (spot Momo riding high).

Pure childhood joy right here!!

So how would I rate the Bently Scooter? I would honestly give this trike a 10/10. It’s functional, easy to assemble, secure, and fun for the kiddos!

McLaren Scooter

I was maybe more excited for the scooter than the trike, jury is out! Ellie had never ridden a scooter before so I wasn’t sure how that would go.


The scooter was even easier to assemble than the trike, looked away from my husband for a second and it was DONE!


The scooter that we got for Ellie is for 3+ and the handle bars don’t turn, instead the wheels work more like a skateboard! Quality wise, it is really fantastic, feels sturdy and looks high quality, as well.

Shockingly Ellie IMMEDIATELY took to the scooter, she now rides it every time she comes into the living room (we haven’t received her helmet in the mail yet so haven’t been letting her ride outside).

Ummm someone come get this ADVANCED baby!

So, would I recommend the McLaren scooter? Um, yes. I feel like not only is the product really great, but also feel it is great for building coordination for the little ones.

What should I review next?!

xx, Taylor

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