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WIN Real Estate Investing Master Class

Beth and I are so excited to be launching out Real Estate Investing Master Class JUNE 29TH. We heard from many of you that you were looking for a class or program to help you reach your real estate investing goals or just get started!

I wanted to answer some of the questions that we've been getting about the program and what you can expect to get out of it.

It has EVERYTHING we've learned from years in Real Estate Investing going from zero to multiple properties. Not to mention the super supportive community of like-minded women you’ll be a part of once you join. When you join The WIN Master Class, you’ll get ALL of this goodness:

  • Access to our VIP Members-only Facebook group community

  • Monthly mindset trainings, challenges, and audits

  • Expert Q&A sessions with Beth, Taylor & guest experts

  • Master Class content system with resources to create your roadmap, set and achieve goals, get in the right mindset, and tools/templates to TAKE ACTION

Upgrade to the GOLD MEMBERSHIP:

  • Monthly 1:1 Consults with Beth & Taylor to discuss your SPECIFIC goals, roadblocks, and more!


What can members hope to get out of this Master Class?

Members will be able to learn the tools, resources, and actions necessary to go from zero to their first property and beyond. Our class provides a step by step action plan to get you to your Real Estate Investing goals.

What is the BEST thing about the Master Class?

The resources are everything Beth & Taylor have gathered over years of research, networking, reading, podcasts, etc. It is all in ONE PLACE for you to take advantage of supported by a community who is looking to achieve similar goals.

What is the benefit of 1:1 consults in the Gold Membership?

The community is amazing, because you can expect direct support by likeminded people, however to get that tailored and special focus, the 1:1 will focus specifically on YOUR GOALS.

How long does the program run?

The program is designed to be 12 weeks, however it is self paced so you can go through the modules are quickly or slowly as needed.

How is the program structured?

The program is divided into 12 modules that included Your Why, Mindset Series, Building Your Strategy, Building Your Roadmap, Execution, and more. There are multiple classes within each module. Members will go through each module , complete the assigned homework, engage in the community, and get to the NEXT LEVEL.


Head over here to check out all the details to join The WIN MASTER CLASS today! >>> Once you join us in The WIN MASTER CLASS, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to VIP trainings, my signature courses and our members-only community. I can’t wait to help and guide you in your Real Estate Investing journey. Let’s do this!

xo, Taylor

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