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Beginner Painting Guide - Supplies, Tips & More!

Today marks week TWO of the renovation on unit 1 of our 1860s Victorian that we’ve lovingly named Emerald House.

This unit is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath unit with really high ceilings and gorgeous natural light. It’s already in great shape, but just needed a little refresh before we get tenants in.

In this renovation, I’m tackling the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Through the process I wanted to share my painting tips!

First, supplies! This time around I decided to pick up a 14” roller to try and go a bit quicker. And I AM NEVER going back to a standard roller. ALSO, I used products that are more targeted at professional buyers and the quality is significantly better (Ie better coverage) at really not more of a cost. Save yourself the pain, get the pro stuff.

Here are the bare essentials supplies I recommend:

Tips to Save You Time & Headache

  1. Do your paint research - this one can be a bit overwhelming, it doesn't have to be!

    1. Check out this guide of paint finishes

    2. Use this paint calculator to determine how much you'll need!

  2. Prep, prep, prep! Personally I hate this step, but it makes your life sooo much easier. Tape off the trim, the floor, the heaters, the windows, etc. Put down the drop cloth EVERYWHERE. Wipe down the walls with a paper towel or rags to remove dust/spiderwebs/et.

  3. Roll then immediately edge(paint around the edge of the wall). This will give you a clean look.

  4. Remove the painters take immediately. Don’t wait or it will pull the paint off with it.

  5. Wash your brushes and rollers immediately. It’s the last thing you want to do, BUT it’s going to save you money.

I hope these tips and recommendations will help you on your next painting project! Come follow my renovation journey over on my Instagram.



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