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Explore Local: Apple Picking - Cider Hill Farm

This past weekend we went apple picking at Cider Hill Farm. It was just named best apple picking in the US!

We knew that moving further up the North Shore would have it's's benefits, but who knew we'd have something like this so close to us!

First off, pulling up to the farm, it is GORGEOUS. The rolling hills in the back reminded me immediately of the vineyards of Champagne.

Out front they have their farmers market, store of all the goodies, and of course, pumpkins and other autumnal items. Ellie was intrigued by the line of pumpkins, I think this was the first time she had ever seen a pumpkin up close?????

At Cider Hill, you have the option of making reservations online for apple picking or buying tickets there. It was kind of a hazy Saturday the day we went and it was STILL pretty busy, so I'd recommend making reservations online.

After grabbing our tickets and wristbands we found the chicken and goats! This was probably the best part of the day for Ellie, shes obsessed with animals!

From the front to the orchards in back in kind of a walk with kids, so I'd recommend either bringing a stroller, carrier or wagon into the orchards. When we go back, we'll probably opt for a carrier, makes it easy to traverse the terrain. You also have the option of taking a hayride from the front to the orchards as well!

Along the way to the orchards, you'll see a flower field (you can buy tickets and pick your own!) and other fruits on the right. All of these fruit have different picking seasons, so I'd suggest checking out their website for the dates.

Once you get to the orchards, there are different plots with different apple varietals. At the end of each row it shows 1) what kinds of apples are there, 2) when is a good time for harvest, and 3) if their better for eating or cooking! This guide was super helpful!

Once in the orchard, we couldn't help but take a bite of these beautiful apples, and that then meant we had to feed the apple to Ellie for the entirety of our visit! Ha!

After picking our apples, we headed back to the front where there are picnic tables and decided to grab some food! They have a great farm stand that had small bites; we got cider donuts, a corn dog, and apple cider.

They also have an attached food truck that offers different items as well! You'll definitely find the fall treats that you've been looking for at either of the spots.

After munching away, Jeff ran into the storefront to buy some of their lovely cider and dessert fruit wines.

It was a lovely visit and we can't wait to go back!

I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Cider Hill Farm, visit their website:



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