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Home Reno & Apartment Updates

Home Reno Plans & Updates

I am in the home stretch for little miss to arrive and there is still A LOT to do. The dining room is something I'd really like to get under control before she arrives. I'm not about 85% done with painting.

It's tough, because I'm so use to just wrapping up projects so quickly, but being pregnant I've definitely had to go a bit easier. The plan for the dining room to finish up the paint job, move the HUGE dining table out and put a smaller round one in. Here is what I imagine (shop this picture on my LiketoKnow.It):

I love this table and light from Wayfair. We have a really small space and the dining table we built for our last apartment is just too big. I imagine sitting at this table with the little babe watching dad cook with a glass of wine.

I'm SOO close, but I've decided to spread these reno days up so that I don't push myself too hard. The next project on the list is to finish the shelving in the bedroom so we can actually fit the bassinet in our room.

I'd love to also tackle the living room, but I need to get on top of laundry and deep clean before she I guess that's TBD.


Since Mr. COVID came, Massachusetts has had regulations in place restricting short term rentals, so our upstairs unit has pretty much been out of commission since end of March. We've now been working on transitioning that back to a long term rental so that we make sure we have a bit more of a financial buffer with everything going on.

We put it on the market back the beginning of June and have a tenant moving in August 1st! We're really excited to have that rented up again and help us a bit toward our mortgage. We have a few things we need to tackle before then: 1) moving out all the AirBnB furniture, 2) install a drain cover for the shower, 3) fix a small ceiling issue.

The furniture is a big one and is actually what has been holding back some of our other home reno projects, because we don't really have anywhere to store it.

All good things on the horizon! And there are still lots of small things to do before babe arrives:

  • Retaining Wall

  • Deep Clean

  • Reorganize Bedroom

  • Reorganize Office/Nursery

What projects have you been working on lately?

xo, Taylor

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