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#SocialDistancing Life Update

What a crazy time this is! First of all, we hope that you're all safe and healthy, and taking guidance from the CDC and your local government seriously. Flattening the curve is an important concept and could save many lives.

Real Estate Investing

Remember all those times when people said to buy when the market is down? Or to be bullish when others are afraid? We are about to enter that time. And when you're hearing about recession and people losing their jobs, it can be hard to think about buying real estate. You might just want to hold on to that cash for a little bit because at least you have something, but remember, this is when millionaires are made. The market will come back, and come back stronger than before. How do I know that? Because that's what it's done every other time there's been a downturn. And the end of the great recession, the people who were the most financially secure and had the most in their retirement accounts were the ones who bought while the market was down.So while you should be cautious physically, we're about to enter a time when it's best to be bold financially.

Home Updates

Since things have been "quiet" (literally from social distancing), Jeff has been doing lots of work at the Salem St Househack!

The retaining wall in front of our house was being eaten by a bush when we first moved it, so we've been biding time until we could replace it. Nows the time! Jeff has been slowly taking the boulders out of our 120 foot long retaining well. He's hopefully that in about 2 weeks he can start rebuilding a nice fresh wall. This is going to have a HUGE impact on our curb appeal!

Other Fun Things!

We announced it on social media, but in case you haven't seen, we have some exciting news!

Baby A is due September 2020! In spite of all the craziness, it's nice to get some good news out there to the world. We're enjoying cleaning out our second bedroom and getting it ready for it's new job as a nursery. Piper is still grappling with the thought of no longer being the only child.

Stay safe and healthy!

xx, Taylor

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